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An Introduction to SOUNDCELL
With the 2003 introduction of SOUNDCELL acoustical masonry units, Proudfoot: now offers architects and contractors even more noise control options with the added touch of grace and elegance.

Create an improved environment in architectural masonry acoustics. The SOUNDCELL unit's design innovation Is your practical solution to effectively absorb problem noise, diffuse sound energy, and more thoroughly capture flutter echo, standing waves and sound intensity annoyances - with style.

Absorbtion, Diffusion, Style
SOUNDCELL® architectural acoustical concrete masonry units provide built-in sound control for areas of public access where noise pollution is a problem. Available in 8" or 12" thickness, SOUNDCELL units are load-bearing with compressive strengths comparable to standard CMUs of similar composition. Installed conventionally - in stack bond with little or no added labor, the in-place cost of SOUNDCELL is low by comparison to most other acoustical materials.

Diffusion is the random reflection and dispersion of the sound path after striking irregular shaped surfaces and reliefs. Many rooms utilizing flat, exposed masonry promote sound "bounce" and problematic reflections. SOUNDCELL units improve the quality and nature of sound by providing desirable diffusion with their innovative grid and impressed form.

Ideal for schools, houses of worship, manufacturing plants, arenas, water treatment facilities and other f structures where excessive noise can be generated, SOUNDCELL units are available throughout the United States through a network of licensed concrete block manufacturers that make the product locally to a series of strict specifications.

Provide SOUNDCELL acoustical masonry units conforming to ASTM C-90 or ASTM C-129, with factory-installed noise attenuating fillers.

STORAGE, HANDLING & INSTALLATION: SOUNDCELL units shall be kept dry and handled to protect from chipping. Units shall be laid in stacked bond only with 3/8" mortar joints. Mortar joints shall be struck flush, filled and dressed on the face-side of the units, and shall be tooled, brushed, and finish-tooled on the backside of the units. Contractor shall keep units clean and dry during installation. Units shall be laid consistent with the best concrete masonry practices, including: full face shell mortar bedding, control joints and wire reinforcing (utilize 10" wire for 12" units; 6" wire for 8" units). Solid Tops, Bond Beams, or Thickened face-shell units shall be utilized as a course separating the SOUNDCELL units from the regular utility CMUs in order to ensure correct face-shell alignment. (See critical wall section detail and review with Engineer and Mason Contractor.)

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